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Kansas State Board of Education - K.A.R. 91-38-1 through 91-38-8

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Date Added: 2/28/2017
Public Hearing Date and Time: :30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9, 2017
Public Hearing Location: Board Room of the Landon State Office Building, 900 SW Jackson Ave., Suite 102, Topeka, Kansas

I.         Summary of Proposed Regulation, Including Its Purpose.

            This set of regulations, referred to as the School Bus Safety regulations, sets out the requirements vehicles owned by or operated on behalf of schools for the transportation of children as well as requirements for drivers of said vehicles.  The regulations are now amended to reflect actual current practices as well as to add requirements such as the inclusion of an emergency seat belt cutter in every school bus emergency equipment inventory. 

II.        Reason or Reasons the Proposed Regulations Are Required, Including Whether or Not Required by Federal Law.

            Amendments to these regulations are to necessary to reflect actual current practices as well put in line with state statutes.  K.A.R. 91-38-2 is amended to extend the life of a bus from twenty (20) to twenty five (25) years. K.A.R. 91-38-2 also now requires seat belt cutters on every bus. K.A.R. 91-38-3 now requires transportation directors to conduct as well as attend safety meetings.  K.A.R. 91-38-4 is updated to reflect the current title of the publication by the National Congress on Transportation.  K.A.R. 91-38-5 now requires all annual inspections to be maintained as part of the maintenance record. K.A.R. 91-38-6 is amended so as to match driver qualifications to the federal qualifications for certain commercial drivers’ license endorsements.  K.A.R. 91-38-8 extends a prohibition of children crossing highways to include a prohibition against children crossing any road with more than one lane traveling in the same direction.

III.      Anticipated Economic Impact upon the Kansas State Board of Education.

            There is no anticipated economic impact upon the Kansas State Board of Education.

IV.       Anticipated Financial Impact upon Other Governmental Agencies and upon Private Business or Individuals.

            The impact on any school district or transportation-providing contractor will be minimal.  At a cost of five ($5) dollars per seat belt cutter, the Kansas State Department of Education estimates that between 1000 and 1200 school buses still need cutters.  Buses purchased since 2005 should already have seat belt cutters.

V.        Anticipated Economic Impact upon School Districts.

            See above.  At most, schools will be required to buy seat belt cutters for each school bus purchased before 2005.

VI.       Less Costly or Intrusive Methods That Were Considered, but Rejected, and the Reason for Rejection.    N/A

Kansas State Department of Education K.A.R. 91-38-1 through 91-38-8

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